Our Company specializes in the design and production of parts for all industries; where large amounts of energy must be absorbed. NTK Energomash is your partner in the area of damping systems. We offer a full spectrum of services to our customers from design to the finished product according to their specific requirements. NTK Energomash’s produce the products of highest quality thru:

  • Highly trained and quality staff
  • Modern production and testing equipment
  • Significant investments in the improvement and development of the new products
  • Unique production process

We resolve the most complex of tasks by selecting of turn-key solutions, or by developing a brand new product. Our products are manufactured according to patented technology while adhering to strict accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Team features

Team features

We have carried out a huge amount of work, aimed in improving the technical characteristics and increasing of the life-span, and range of application of Kraftler’s damping systems. We pay attention to each detail, allowing us the capability to improve the characteristics of the finished product; starting from the analysis and modification of raw materials to the finishing production technologies. Introduction of the improving factors has allowed us to develop the unique manufacturing technology that is characterized thru flexibility and high quality of the finished product. We are able in a short period of time to rebuild a manufacturing process and to produce the large batch of products, or single product, in accordance with customer's requests.