KPA-81 new

Absorptions apparaten KPA-81

  1. The lightest All-steel draft gear.
  2. Low cost, thanks to usage of two main springs only.
  3. High capacity due to increased height of springs.
  4. Excellent durability, due to enlarged space of working surfaces of friction clutch.
  5. High reliability thru the application of U-shaped profile of movable plates, with high fracture resistance.
  6. New high-strength construction of housing.
  7. Interchangeable with standard (AAR Rule 21) draft gears. with AAR Rule21.
  8. Can be used in harsh environments and requires no additional maintenance.
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Graph Absorptions apparaten KPA-81
KPA-81 Typical Drop Hammer Performance Curve


Official rating travel 3.19 inches (82 mm)
Official capacity 46.200 foot pounds (63 kJ)
Weight 313 pounds (142 kg)
Preshortened for standard 24-5/8’’ pocket A=22 inches (559 mm)
Assembled to free height B=22-11/16 inches (576 mm)